BLAUWDRUK is the result of a 7-day residency in WORM by L’amour Collective. The collective has made an hour long musical piece based on a graphical score called “BLAUWDRUK”. The piece will be performed on the 10th of march in WORM. The performance is a collaboration between L’amour and two artists they’ve curated. The art and music will be created/played live, therefore influenced by eachother. Expect an interdisciplinary experience where music and visual art meet, intertwine and co-exists.
As a light artist, it’s a necessity for Emanuel to be able to manipulate images real-time. By working with whatever input available from a space, Emanuel strives to shape these into one organic entirety. For "Blauwdruk", his goal is to create an experience where every sense will come together in one perception; a performance where the auditive and visual elements work together and form a narrative.

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