Circular UNCLOUD, Nijverheid - 2 -07-2022
‘Circular’ is an audiovisual performance that plays with reality using spatial sound, light, and psychoacoustics. Endlessly expanding audiovisual gestures bring the viewer into a trance-like state. The visuals are created by light artist Emanuel Nijkerk and explored within a spatial design of transparent projection screens. Electronic sounds made by audiovisual artist Victor Dissel consist of percussive sounds, microtonal harmonies and psychoacoustic effects. These sounds are transmitted live within a spatial speaker system by creative coder Gerben van der Kleij. Within this three-dimensional performative installation, countless possibilities for an altered reality are imaginable. What is reality and what is artificial? And do we still live in reality?
Circular Nicolaïkerk kerk- 20-01-2022
Tempel Residentie - 26-11-2021
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